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    1. Welcome: Dezhou Longtian Environmental Technology Co., LTD
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      About us

      Company Introduction

      Dezhou longtian Environmental Technology Co., LTD built in March 03,1999, is a  company,that specializes in R & D, production and sales of Polyester resin for powder coating. The company locates in Dezhou Economic Development Zone of Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone of Shandong Province ,it enjoys advantageous geographical position and convenient transportation. The company covers an area of more than 40000 square meters and is one of the key chemical enterprises of Shandong Province.The company's main products existing are two series that are hybrid and TGIC curing type of polyester resin ,a total of more than 30 models. According to customer demand those can be divided into three types----excellent, standard and economical .

      With the joint efforts of Longtian employees, the product quality has been gradually improved and the Company expanded. At present the annual production capacity exceeds 30000 tons. With a professional research team and advanced equipment, we apply advanced production technology and scientific formula to ensure the stability and superiority of the product quality. Longtian polyester has won the trust of our customers by virtue of high quality and competitive price. Product sales not only cover all provinces and cities of powder coating production base, but also exported to Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and many other countries and regions.

      With Enthusiasm and aggressiveness, our Company will continue to provide high-quality products and more efficient service as your most trusted partner.

      Corporate Culture

      Enterprise spirit: self-disciplined, social commitment.

      Business philosophy: target-driven, win-win strategy

      Management principles: people-oriented, efficient execution

      Quality policy: customer-satisfaction-guide, stable and excellent quality



      Contact: Jane Wang

      Phone: +8617753493928

      Tel: +86-0534-2135667

      Email: sales@zglongtian.com

      Add: North Yingbin Road,Economic Development Zone,Lingxian,Dezhou City,Shandong ,China

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